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We are community of dancers. Our aim is to create interest to contemporary and pop dancing, as a healthy hobby, among all!
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【友だち10人で】モーニング娘。さんの『One・Two・Three』【踊ってみた】 (by xxxayu3)

Sayumi Michishige (Pink): Kirin

Reina Tanaka (Light Blue): Kozue Aikawa

Mizuki Fukumura (Hot Pink): Marice

Erina Ikuta (Purple): Konkon

Riho Sayashi (Red): Kurumi

Kanon Suzuki (Green): Joy7

Haruna Iikubo (Chocolate): Kanyu

Ayumi Ishida (Royal Blue): Appi

Masaki Sato (Mint): Megu Megu

Haruka Kudo (Orange): Ruuko

2NE1 - “I LOVE YOU” Dance Practice Video (by 2NE1)

Dear Contestant and Supporters,

Voting has began - on July 1st at 00:01 (12:01 AM) GMT.
No registration is required for voting.

With first votes, you will be able to see your real-time rating by visiting

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Good luck to everyone!


Dance Pangaea Team

Dance Pangaea is hosting a dance cover contest for SISTAR’s latest song, “Alone“, open to K-Pop fans from all over the world! Sign up now and follow us, like, share!

  • This contest is dedicated to K-pop.
  • Winners of this and all consecutive contests dedicated to K-Pop will be preselected to participate in "VisitKorea Dance Festival" in 2013.
  • Best cover dancer of “SISTAR (씨스타) - Alone (나혼자)” dance will determined by online voting/likes. More votes/likes you have, more chances to win there will be.
  • Each of top three (3) dancers will receive a Cyber-shot Digital Camera WX9
  • The videos can be submitted starting from April 30 till June 30. Voting will start on July 1.

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Good luck!